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Shade Taking Examples

Shade Taking Examples


Although it has been quiet on the home front we have not been idle.  We have used the time constructively and effectively to fine tune some concepts we had considered during the development of our website.

The Niho – Champagne Smile brand has been embraced wholeheartedly by those requesting dentures and implant work but is now also making inroads into Crown & Bridge.  “Champagne Smile” crowns are the crème de la crème because we spend more time on them, we use the full gambit of ceramic powders available and we use every ounce of our technical and artistic skills to produce single units that blend in harmoniously with natural teeth and in the case of multi units, restorations with that “je ne sais quoi”.  However by choosing industrially milled substructures such as biocompatible Cobalt Chrome means these luxury items can be acquired at a very competitive price.

We have also spent time on problem solving complicated implant cases.  For various reasons implant placement is not always ideal and as a consequence strength and/or aesthetics can be compromised.  However we believe that the use of telescopic bridges is the “genuine” solution to any tricky implant case.

Cost wise though telescopic bridges can be prohibitive because of the gold content.  Through modern technology we have developed systems using titanium and cobalt chrome alloys to bring down the cost of such restorations.  Recently a client requested a fixed implant bridge for a patient but was extremely concerned about achieving a satisfactory result because the access holes would have been through the labial.   We made a telescopic bridge and he was thrilled because not only was the bridge superior to a fixed bridge in terms of function and aesthetics it also cost less.  To view this particular bridge along with other cases please visit the Gallery.


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