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Materials Used and Website Addresses
Vita VM13 – PFM veneering ceramic
Vita VM9 – Zirconium veneering ceramic and feldspathic veneer material
Vita Physiodens and Lingoforms – Prosthetic/denture teeth
Vita EasyShade – Shade taking machine
IPS e.max Press – Lithium disilicate glass for inlay/onlays and crown cores
IPS e.max Ceram – Lithium disilicate glass veneering material
Authentic - Porcelain inlay/onlays
Alloys for PFM and gold work
Procera – Custom abutments, zirconium crown cores
Implant components
Nobelguide – Guided surgical software
Acrylic material for prosthetic work
Attachment components for crown & bridge work and implant work

Associations - New Zealand Institute of Dental Technologists - Professional body for dental technicians - Dental Council of New Zealand - Regulatory body for the dental industry as a whole - New Zealand Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry - Napier i-SITE Visitor Information Centre

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