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Case 3 Telescopic Single Implant Crown

This patient presented to the dentist with a lost lateral incisor and lost labial plate (bone) due to trauma. This was a challenging case because the patient did not want to go through grafting and also the interdental space was a lot larger than the lateral on the other side. The dentist contacted us before undertaking treatment to discuss whether or not we could achieve a satisfactory aesthetic and hygienic result.

We settled upon a telescopic single implant crown. The restoration consists of an acrylic flange, which helps disguise the missing soft tissue. This could not have been done hygienically with a conventional bridge or fixed implant crown and the patient did not want to wear a denture. Also if in the future there is further tooth lose the prosthetic component can be modified to include an extra tooth. The patient can also remove the prosthetic part to undertake her normal oral cleaning routine and consequently maintain the health of the surrounding tissue.

The telescopic implant crown consists of a telescopic gold abutment with a secondary component, a Vita VM PFM crown with a Vertex acrylic flange. Okay the outcome isn't perfect because of the circumstances but the patient is over the moon with the result.

Dentist: Dr Gary Winter B.D.S.
Master Craftsmen: Andrew and Marco