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Case 2 Telescopic Mandibular Implant Bridge

This patient originally had a fixed mandibular implant bridge opposing six maxillary anterior Procera/Vita VM Zirconia crowns and two Procera/Vita VM Zirconia posterior implant bridges.

Although the bridge was designed hygienically and the patient had a good cleaning routine, he had problems with calcium build up on the bridge because of hyperactive salivary glands.This was not an issue in the maxilla.The bridge was redesigned but the problem did not go away.

It was decided to make a telescopic implant bridge.These bridges seat as firmly as a fixed bridge but can be removed by the patient for cleaning purposes. Another advantage with this type of bridge is that there are no aesthetic compromises as the pink acrylic blends nicely into the soft tissues of the patient.

The bridge included four gold telescopic abutments, female gold copings and a cobalt-chrome secondary framework. We also used Vertex Castavaria acrylic and Vita Physioden and Vita Lingoform denture teeth.

Dentist: Dr Gary Winter B.D.S.
Master Craftsman: Marco